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Nan is one of our upcoming working females. She is doing really well on cattle and sheep. We have high hopes for her here on the farm. She should raise some really nice puppies. We hope to breed her to B&B Cinch in the Spring depending on his show schedule. Please click to see video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mCFukzy5wk&feature=youtu.be


Josie is a big nice Prick ear tri female. She is showing alot of stock interest and will be fun to start her training this fall.





 FA Lite My Fuse "Blast"

Blast Head Shot -1


Height: 19" Weight: 44 lbs

 DOB: 08/26/2002

Eyes CERF normal and she is DNA tested Normal for CEA!

 Go to: http://www.optigen.com/ to read about this test.

 OFA: GOOD>>> Penn hip tested: left hip 0.33/ right hip 0.29

 Laxity rating in the 90th percentile.

Blast is a top caliber dog of all events. I can't believe the talent this dog has. I knew the minute I saw her I had to own this dog. We can not say enough good about this dog. We have now started her on cattle and she is a natural! 

UPDATE as of 3-14-10 Blast has now received 2 of her 3 legs in AKC sheep herding. She took 1st Place on 3-14-10, way to go Blast! One more girl to get your title. Click on link below to see videos of her.

Update as of May 2011 Blast and I are doing agility! So will post video's when we compete. She still has it!

For more PICTURES and PEDIGREE click here


                 Bea  is now Retired from breeding

Bea's profile

Border Collie - Black & White

Height: 19" Weight: 35 lbs

DOB: 11/15/2003

OFA: Fair ----- CL /CEA  NORMAL

Bea is our top herding dog when it comes to sheep and cattle, she has a huge out run  and sharpness when working sheep. When it comes to cattle she still has an outrun but is a different working dog when getting the job done. Bea will work both ends of a cow, even ones with calves, she has tough grit and will bite either end when needed. Her puppies sell as soon as they are born. She will be bred in 2010.

For more PICTURES and PEDIGREE click here

Dollie will be retiring


Height: 19" Weight: 39 lbs

DOB 11/8/2004


We picked Dollie for our kennel for not only her pedigree but she is a tough cattle dog. She bites both ends of a cow and has a great drive up. We use her a lot on our cattle. She is as sweet as they come and is an in your pocket dog. Dollie also works sheep, but her out run is a little short but gets the job done.

For more PICTURES and PEDIGREE click here

B&B Callie

Callie is by Bill and Blast Callie is 19in. She is an 8-2009 pup, she is doing well in her obedience work as well as working sheep.



B&B River

She is a Bill/Blast dgt. She has started her formal training in Feb. for Herding. She is a 2-2011 pup. River is showing everything we like to see in a TOP herding prospect, she is alot like her mother Blast, super talented, super drive and super smart. River has all her basics down and will return to the Ranch to grow up and help out.




We offer all colors of  Border Collies

Black and Whites Merles
Red and Whites Tri Colors

All of our Dogs are ABCA Registered

Please be sure to read up on Border Collies before getting one so you have an idea of what they require and if they would be the right fit for you and your family.

  Thank You