Welcome, If you have stock or gaming desire, we have the Dog !

Our Friends :

Everyone get ready we have Flyball & Agility friends coming with pictures and Video's , you will love it!

Here is our good Friend Mikiko Sawa From Japan. She is a Champion Disc Dog competitor. Click on link to see her PRO pictures, they are awesome!http://www.geocities.jp/frkfh950/dtc/2008/0806qc/13/13.htm



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This page is still under construction so please keep checking back with us.


We offer all colors of  Border Collies

Black and Whites Merles
Red and Whites Tri Colors

All of our Dogs are ABCA Registered

Please be sure to read up on Border Collies before getting one so you have an idea of what they require and if they would be the right fit for you and your family.

  Thank You