Welcome To our  Service and Delivery

Here at B and  B Border Collies we offer shipping in 2 ways. We will be happy to ship your puppy or dog to you by way of several airlines. We have access to most airlines from Houston which is 2 hours one way away from us. The cost to ship your pup by plane ticket is approx. $230.00. You will have a $125.00 trip charge for us to take your dog to the airport and vet and a $35.00 Health Certificate fee for the airlines. You will also need a crate to ship in and that is yours to keep, estimated cost is $35.00 We will not ship your dog to you before  8 weeks of age. Your total cost to ship by plane will be around $425.00. Please call before to make sure there have been no changes in pricing due to fuel costs and vetting price changes. Prices are subject to change without notice.


We also have personal delivery to your home or nearby meeting area's if a haul can be filled. We have a 4 hole aluminum dog trailer to haul any dog or pups(We can haul most all breeds of dog). Also if needed they can be hauled in the cab of vehicle as needed. Please call for pricing and Dates that a haul my be scheduled.


Hauling Truck

Dog Trailer

Dog Trailer

Dog Trailer



We offer all colors of  Border Collies


Black and Whites Merles
Red and Whites Tri Colors

All of our Dogs are ABCA Registered

Please be sure to read up on Border Collies before getting one so you have an idea of what they require and if they would be the right fit for you and your family.

  Thank You