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Here at B & B Border Collies we strive to breed some of the most versatile working dogs in the dog world. We have collected some dogs that have 20-30 year backgrounds in herding cattle, sheep, ducks and some that do other dog events like agility, fly ball, Frisbee. Our dogs have to have a great temperament to people foremost and we like a great athlete with good structure. Our Dogs stats are posted under each dog. All of our breeding dogs have been tested. Our dogs are guaranteed Clear from being affected by CEA and Xrays are done on their hips and are  OFA certified. Our dogs CEA results are either normal or a carrier(a carrier is not affected with CEA but carries the gene). These dogs may be safely bred to a CEA Normal dog for healthy pups.

 Please Note not all Border Collies are alike in that they all have different personalities, and not all Border Collies have the same drive. There are dog's that have low ,medium to high drive. The high drive dogs would be considered your serious herding and agility/fly ball dogs. You're low to medium dogs are still great dogs and can still herd sheep, ducks or geese and play ball but may not be as intense as our high drive dogs. Then we have dogs that also make great companion dogs. So we try to help you pick the puppy that is right for your needs.

In picking your puppy we  can test them with stock and toys to see how the pups will be to help you know them better and be able to make the right choice. If you are serious about gaming or other needs We will use the Volhard Test for you to help determine if your pick is what you want or capable of what you are asking for out of you Collie. Please visit the test site for more information. Volhard puppy Aptitude Test or better know as PAT.

Our Personal cattle dogs are intense workers and are serious about their job when working, they get the job done from either end of a cow, sheep or any stock even a pig. Yes you read that right we have used 2 of our gyps to pen a wild pig. PLEASE note that all our hard core working dogs ALL have an off button and can come and be your best friend, in the house in the car anywhere. Just cause they do tough work does not mean they are bad and not a great companion dog to us. Like we said ALL our Dogs MUST be people friendly and love us first and foremost then they get to do their jobs.  We have our dogs around Children, animals, all ranch life and different people to make sure they are exposed to everything , everybody and all noises we can think of. 


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All of our Dogs are ABCA Registered

Please be sure to read up on Border Collies before getting one so you have an idea of what they require and if they would be the right fit for you and your family. Here is a great link to learn more about Border Collies.

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